shoutout to me doing my homework and going to sleep before 10 everyday the past week

the most recent nigahiga vid was super cute aww

it’s crazy how being in some people’s presence completely changes how I act.

edit: it’s SOOO bad with one person omg and I’ll prob never get over it too lul

the fact that I’m already better friends with some people after a week of talking to them than some people in my friend group lul.

will jardell is my new zach rance.

*adds will jardell to my shameful list of tracked tags*

this girl is so pressed on being in my lab group like no. I like my lab group and I really don’t need a another person to get my opinion across.
(if you were in my class originally I would’ve totally partnered with you though but soz)

edit: praiseeee 🙌🙌🙌🙌 someone switched out

😂😂 my dad got home at 5 so I just went straight to the mall with Caroline and p much I’m not eating until 7.

I’ve been up for 10 hours and I haven’t ate anything yet…

dad come home I’m hungry 😭😭😭😡😡

cries for days because will watches bb16.

I’m gonna cry.
I’m gonna fail.
everyone’s saying the minor op was easy, but noooo I had to fail because I’m stupid and didn’t tell Kearns I wasn’t ready even though other people who switched into it didn’t have to take it.
I hate this.

might as well give me a 2.0 gpa bc I’m already failing lang and apush and physics.

i don’t like dan.

I feel on top of the world right now. like I’m just so happy.

my classes are literally perfect and amazing in every single way.

I’m not procrastinating and I do my work without that much prompting.

I asked my dad about hosting a sweet 16 and I thought he would hate the idea because I was never allowed a birthday party before but he was super chill about it and I’m so excited. 😊😊😊😊😊

this girl has literally no idea how to name compounds. even like covalent/non mental ones which I’m pretty sure we started learning in middle school. like why the fuck are you in ap chem.



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