lol bc this guy asked if he could bring drugs to my friend’s party and he’s not kidding

I should stop expecting you to remember things l o l 😕😕


what a good moment that was today c:

I found a song that sends chills down my spine 🙊

I really wanna watch ahs and rbs 📺📺

omfg htgawm is so amazing like literally 20 plot twists and connor (aka there are lots of gay sex scenes btw) and ugh it’s such a perfect show

(tbh I wish I did frisbee freshman year and got some of my friends to join)

hannah 👏 is 👏 a 👏 bitch

"I’m gonna get an A on the math midterm/chapter test and ace my major opp," i said lying to myself. 😭🔫

the cross fandom of bb16 and project runway and antm and htgawm never fails to amaze me.

why do some people have a need to bring others down in order to make themselves feel above. (regarding opinions and etc. also did I even ask for your opinion in the first place? yeah didn’t think so.)

seriously, get a hobby.

you are literally so stupid and the worst friend like you can’t make up a lie to cover the bullshit you made happen the first time.

you’re the worst.

on a scale of “1” to “red lipstick on america day” how basic are you?

I have such a dilemma right now.




♪ 1. We Come Running
♪ 2. Mr. Brightside
♪ 3. Carried Away

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I track "admirales."




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